June 14, 2012

My Fitness and My Photography

It helps to be able to get close!
There is a noticeable difference in my photography when I am in shape and when I am not.  Not only can I tell in my images, but I can tell in my enjoyment of capturing the image.  

When I am not in shape, I am reluctant to drop what I'm doing, pull out all my equipment, set up the shot and actually enjoy the situation.  When I am not in shape, I have to convince myself that it is worth the effort to climb or scramble to a different location for a better composition.  I find myself looking for the easy shot instead of the best shot.  I start to qualify scenes image as worthy or not of my effort.  If it does not immediately look like a keeper, I'll forgo the shot and look for something better.  I have learned over time that some of the best images came from moments that were not obvious.  In my head, I say I am not as committed to photography as I should be, but that isn’t the case.  When I am out of shape, I simply don’t have the energy to make the shot happen. 
Am I the only one who experiences this?  Has this ever happened to you?

When I am in shape, I can focus all my energy on the creative process.  I can move around a scene and really get lost the imagery.  I have recently found how helpful yoga can be for my photography.  Many times I am contorting my body to get in just the right place for a perfect composition of a tiny flower.  Since yoga focuses on balance and flexibility, I have found I am much more stable in these moments than I was before.  

Exercise is beneficial mentally and physically, but also artistically.  Time to hit the gym! 

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