September 17, 2012

Anne McKinnell's eBook Sheds Light on Light

When I first started learning photography, I was told repeatedly that photography is "painting with light."  I understood that the light could change an image for good or bad, but it took some time to learn to see the value of all types of light.  Anne McKinnell's free eBook "8 Types of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs" clearly defines the many types of light and how to use them in your photography.

She touches on common problems with various types of light like lens flare in backlight and focusing difficulty in night photography.  McKinnell also adds a quick discussion on using the histogram to determine exposure accuracy.  What makes this eBook so helpful for beginners is its length and how easy it is to navigate.  The book is only 24 pages and covers the topic of light thoroughly without getting to involved in all the other aspects of photography.  Many photography instructional books are so long and involved, they are overwhelming.  Anne is a gifted writer who gets right to the point and makes the information understandable.  If you are newer to photography and are looking to improve your images, check out her eBook on Amazon or on her website!

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