February 2, 2013

The Weight of the (Camera) World

Obviously NOT just camera gear...or is it?

Here I am in the first weekend of February and I have yet to really get outside and do some exploring.  The conditions today were not shaping up to be anything spectacular, but the weather was nice (it was a balmy 55 degrees today!) so I decided to head out.  There is a large plateau near my house with a large parking area and a straightforward hike up a dirt road.   I had driven past this location many times making a mental note to stop one day.  Well, today was the day!

I hopped out of the car with my camera pack for the first hike of 2013.  I started up the hill to the top of the plateau and I suddenly and shockingly realized that a month of sitting around thinking about going to the gym is NOT the same as actually working out.  I huffed, puffed and cursed my way up the hill to a decent view of Denver and the foothills, but I left with no images of the evening. 

Now I am home with my glass of wine and reflecting on the short trip, I realize my legs are actually sore from this little jaunt!  What!?!  Yikes.  I like say I would have been flying up that hill if I didn’t have my camera gear, but who am I kidding?  I was almost beaten by a 4 year old who was having a conversation all the way to the top; I could barely remain conscious! 

This is the time of year for making, breaking, and revising resolutions so here is mine: Lighten the load.  Not only do I need to be in better shape to move around in the beautiful areas of nature, I need to simplify my photographic mission.  My bag is full of equipment for all scenes: landscape, wildlife, and, of course, macro.  Who am I kidding?  I LOVE macro.  Absolutely love it.  More than all the other genres combined. 

Why do I insist on carrying a minimum of 3 lenses and all the paraphernalia they require?  Simple: I don’t want to miss “the shot” because I was too lazy to pack a piece of gear I already own.  It is time to dial it back.  Don’t hold your breath for a massive sell-off of lenses, they still have a place in my equipment stash, but I just do not need to carry them with me everywhere.   I need to allow myself to leave some gear behind and some expectations at home.  

 Stay tuned for images made with more imagination and less gear in 2013!