November 8, 2014

Where did you find THAT?!?

Some of the fun of taking pictures is finding a truly great composition of a beautiful subject.  Who am I kidding, that is most of the fun (for me at least!).  I love it when I finish shooting and I cannot wait to get home knowing I have something special on that memory card!  When I am shooting macro images, this happens much more often than it does for landscape.

It could be because I am normally looking at familiar subjects in familiar ways with an artistic spin.  Because I am able to turn it around and blur unwanted sections, I can take a simple flower and showcase it's beauty.  I really enjoy "discovering" a great composition on a very small scale.
Here's an example of a place I go often looking for subjects:  It is a planter box where there is a repeating pattern through many boxes of the same flowers and foliage.  I go from section to section looking for the best subjects with the best backgrounds.  I can normally find something worthwhile and on this day I came home with this:

Not a bad day!
So next time you are out, be sure to look closely at what is around you!